Booking Terms and Conditions



In these Terms and Conditions:

“Group Leader” means the person making a booking on behalf of a participant group;

“The Organiser” or “Organiser” means Clyde Scouts (a recognised Scottish Charity number SC010415


1. Bookings

1.1 A booking form must be completed for:

a) Jamboree Staff Volunteers

b) Participant Groups

1.2 Allocation of places for Participant Groups is on a first-come, first-served basis in case of limited availability on-site.

1.3 For detailed information on registration deadlines, fees, and instructions, please refer to the Event website


2. Payment

2.1 The Event Fee structure is as follows:

2.1.1 Early bird ticketing phase tickets are priced:

· £240 per Youth Participant (aged 10 to 17)

· £70 per Group Adult Leader (aged 18+)

· Accompanying children £40.00


2.1.2 Jamboree Staff Volunteers are subject to a

· £40 Staff Fee for Camping, Self-Catered

· £80 Staff Fee for Camping, Catered

· £120 Staff Fee for Indoors, Catered

2.1.3 Full Event ticketing fees (all bookings made after Early bird offer concludes)

· £265 per Youth Participant (aged 10 to 17)

· £95 per Group Adult Leader (aged 18+)

· Accompanying children £50.00


2.2 Payment for the Event Fee should follow this schedule:

Group Bookings:

2.2.1) A 25% (of the whole booking fee) deposit within 30 days of submitting the booking form, or by the deposit deadline, whichever comes first. The deposit deadline will be 1 July 2024.

2.2.2) Early bird offer for all booking will operate from 22nd March until – 17th May 23.59hrs or until early bird tickets have reached capacity whatever comes first.

2.2.3) Early bird tickets which do not meet the deposit deadline of 30 days will automatically revert to the full event ticket price per participant.

2.2.4) A second instalment of 50% of the remaining balance by 31 October 2024.

2.2.5) Final payment of the outstanding balance by 1 March 2025.

2.2.6) Jamboree Staff Volunteers Fee should be made within 30 days of submitting the booking form.

2.2.7) All payments must be made in GBP via BACS transfer to:

Clyde Scouts: 80-83-33, 00409538.

Reference Payments with: AJ25”Your Group Name” or if Staff AJ25”Your Name”.

2.2.8) Payments not received in line with booking terms and conditions are subject to cancellation.


3. Booking Requirements

3.1 Group Leaders for Participant Group Bookings must be present throughout the Jamboree.

3.2 Group Leaders are responsible for ensuring all leaders adhere to the requirements of Girlguiding or The Scout Association, including safeguarding, training, and compliance with ratios.

3.3 Jamboree Staff Volunteers must also comply with the requirements of Girlguiding or The Scout Association, including safeguarding and mandatory training.

3.4 Group Leaders must be responsible for all their leaders and participants under the age of 18 and ensure their welfare and safety. Adhering to all ratios is mandatory. 3.5 Specific rules for AJ25 will be published on


4. Event Details

4.1 The Event takes place between Saturday 2 August 2025, and Saturday, 9 August 2025.

4.2 The Event is open to Participants aged 10 – 17 (by the start of the event), Group Leaders and Jamboree Staff Volunteers.

4.3 Eary arrival and departures should be agreed with Auchengillan Outdoor Centre independently, additional fees will apply. Email


5. What is Included?

5.1 The Event Fee for Participant Groups covers a full programme, and site fees. It excludes travel, food, personal equipment, and fuel.

5.2 The Staff Fee for Jamboree Staff Volunteers includes access, site fees, and food (if package purchased) plus a t-shirt, neckie and badge. It does not cover travel or personal equipment.

5.3 The Organisers reserve the right to modify the program due to unforeseen circumstances.



7. Cancellation and Refund Policy

7.1 Deposits are non-refundable,

7.2 Bookings are not refundable after the end of the Cancellation Period and all further instalments will remain due and payable The Cancellation period will end on the 31st of July 2024.

7.3 All cancelation requests must be received in writing by 31st July 2024.

7.3 Participant Groups can exchange participants without affecting overall numbers. Additional participants will be at the discretion of the event Organisers.

7.4 Organisers will consider global changes and make timely decisions, especially regarding weather, current affairs or pandemic.


8. Liability

8.1 Group Leaders are responsible for insurance and immigration requirements.

8.2 The Organisers are liable for foreseeable loss caused by their failure to comply with Terms and Conditions.

8.3 The Organisers are not responsible for loss or damage due to participants’ non-compliance.


9. Waiver

9.1 Participants accept the inherent risks of an outdoor, adventurous camping and activity experience, and compliance with safety rules is mandatory.


10. Data Protection 10.1 Personal data will be used for administrative purposes, as outlined on the booking form.

10.2 Photography, video, and audio usage details are provided on the booking form.

10.3 Group Leaders must confirm obtaining consent for data entry.


11. Miscellaneous

11.1 These Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between parties.

11.2 Parties acknowledge no reliance on statements outside the Terms and Conditions.

11.3 These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Scots law and the Group Leader hereby irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.


12. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

If necessary, updated versions will be published on the Event website with the change date indicated.

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